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Public Policy Employment

An employer may not discharge an at-will employee for a reason that violates fundamental public policy. Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited and considered to have an effect on the public at large. An employee may sue his employer for wrongful termination if he can demonstrate that the discharge was a result of discrimination such as age, race, religion, gender, or disability. If you have been terminated for any reason that appears to involve some illegal motivation, you should seek immediate legal advice.

The Leichter Law Firm, APC will assist you to determine whether you were wrongfully terminated by your employer. If you believe that you have been terminated for exercising some important right or duty, we urge you to call a public policy employment lawyer today. An experienced employment attorney may be able to help you keep your job, obtain improved conditions of employment for you, or see that you get compensated if you have been wrongfully terminated.

Our Los Angles Employment Attorney Serves the Following Practice Area

In California, Wrongful Termination generally exists in the following situations:

  • An employer fires an employee for exercising a constitutional or statutory right
  • The employee refuses to violate a law where a fundamental public policy is involved
  • Whistleblowing—an employee reports unlawful activities by the employer or others to a government or law enforcement agency

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