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Many hourly employees track their hours by punching in and out at the start and end of their shifts and breaks using manual time clock systems with time cards or computerized systems with swipe cards or keyboard log-ins. These systems record the length of each employee’s shifts and the number of breaks taken, which directly determine that employee’s compensation. Often, managers have the ability to fix or adjust punch-in and punch-out times if any mistakes are made by the employee or if the recorded time does not reflect the actual time worked.

However, this authority also allows managers and employers to manipulate time cards to their advantage, resulting in lower pay than an employee deserves and preventing that employee from taking his or her legally required breaks.

At the Leichter Law Firm, APC, we stand up for individuals against the unfair practices of employers who manipulate time cards in ways that shortchange employees’ rights to compensation for all hours worked and entitlement to statutorily-mandated meal and rest breaks. If you know or suspect that the actual time you have worked is different than what your manager is reporting, you should stand up for your rights. Our Los Angeles law office can help; we will work with you to explain your rights and help explore your legal options. For a confidential consultation with a lawyer, call 818-915-6624 or email.

Time Card Must Be Correct: Recording Hours Worked and Breaks Taken

Keeping proper track of an employee’s hours worked ensures correct pay and sufficient time for breaks. California labor laws are very clear about the rules that must be followed. Hourly employees’ work hours are typically tracked through:

  • Paper timesheets, where employees manually record all hours worked and verify these hours with their signatures;
  • Mechanical clocks with punch cards; or
  • Computerized systems with magnetic swipe cards or PC log-ins
  • You are legally entitled to payment for all hours worked and all rest or meal breaks missed. Your employer may not:
  • Change your clock-in or clock-out times to avoid paying you weekly overtime
  • Move hours from a day you worked more than 8 hours to one in which worked less to avoid paying you daily overtime
  • Add rest or meal breaks you did not actually take to avoid paying you rest and meal premiums

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Contact Our Los Angeles Lawyer for Help: You May Deserve Compensation

If your employer has been manipulating your time card and robbing you of pay or breaks, you should consult with an experienced lawyer. By informally negotiating with your employer or filing a lawsuit in court, our Los Angeles wage and hour attorney can help you recover all damages to which you are entitled. We serve clients throughout the area from our southern California office conveniently located in mid-Wilshire just west of downtown Los Angeles. Call to set up a free, 100% confidential consultation with a dedicated attorney: 818-915-6624 or email us.

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