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The Leichter Law Firm, APC Glendale employment law attorney, Aryeh Leichter, is dedicated to providing the city’s just over 200,000 residents with experienced legal representation when they have been confronted by unlawful behavior in the workplace.

Whether your employer is ignoring your sexual harassment claims or is not paying the wages or overtime you are entitled to, you do not have to face these challenging circumstances alone.

With an experienced Los Angeles County employment law attorney by your side, you can confidently pursue your California employer to stop the wrongdoing you have endured in the workplace and seek the proper legal remedy for your complete damages.

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The skilled employment lawyer in California at the Leichter Law Firm, APC personally manages all cases that enter his office, so each client receives customized legal strategies for pursuing their employer for the wrongdoing they have endured.

He understands that unlawful employment circumstances cause physical, emotional, and psychological strain, and wants to help each of his clients pursue the best legal remedy for their unique cases. That includes clients skillfully representing California clients who have endured:

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Can I Pursue My Employer for Disability Discrimination in Glendale, California?

An individual with a disability is defined as someone who has a physical or mental impairment that limits major life activities, who has a record of such an impairment, or who is regarded as having such an impairment.

When a qualified individual with a disability applies for a position or is already an employee of a California company is treated unfavorably because of his or her condition, it may be interpreted as disability discrimination.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Rehabilitation Act all provide protections for disabled employees. When their rights are violated by their employers, the skilled employment lawyer in Glendale at the Leichter Law Firm, APC will provide the legal experience and resource his clients need to pursue results inside and outside the courtroom.

Does My California Employer Have to Provide Workplace Accommodations for My Disability?

Applicants or employees who have a disability and the necessary skills, experience, and certifications for a job, and can perform its essential functions, must be supplied reasonable accommodations by their employer, so long as doing so would not cause undue hardship to the employer.

California’s Americans with Disabilities Act protects the rights of employees when their employers are not accommodating physical and/or mental disabilities, which may include:

  • Making changes to existing equipment and facilities to help disabled workers
  • Modifying an employee’s hours and days to allow time for required medical treatment
  • Transferring an employee to the same job or similar job at a different location
  • Allowing for a reasonable amount of unpaid medical leave

If your employer fails to provide reasonable accommodations for your disability — whether it is temporary or permanent — contact the experienced Glendale employment lawyer at the Leichter Law Firm for a free consultation today to understand your rights.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Workplace Sexual Harassment in a Glendale, California?

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome or unwanted sexual conduct in the workplace.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for all employers in California and throughout the U.S. to allow anyone to be sexually harassed at work, regardless of that person’s sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

Sexual harassment can be both verbal and non-verbal, or physical. It can also extend to sexual requests or threats, called Quid pro quo sexual harassment that involves an employer or employee requesting sexual favors in exchange for favorable treatment, which may include a promotion or raises – or a demotion or termination for not providing sexual favors.

Sexual harassers can be male or female, and the harassment can be committed by those who are:

  • Company owners
  • Managers / Supervisors
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Vendors

When someone is being sexually harassed at work, the daily abuse he or she endures can be humiliating. It can also interfere with their ability to do their job. If you have been sexually harassed in any way no matter who is the harasser you have legal options to help end the intimidating behavior.

The experienced Glendale sexual harassment attorney at the Leichter Law Firm, APC to earn what local, state, and federal protections will provide the legal remedy you need to take back control of your life.

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