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Under California law, apartments with 16 or more units without an onsite owner must have a “manager, janitor, housekeeper, or another responsible person” living on the premises.

These individuals are often referred to as resident managers who must be compensated for their services, which typically includes an agreed-upon hourly rate or salary, and usually includes a form of rent reduction.

What most employers overlook, or simply assume is understood, are the responsibilities of the resident manager. Often, this can lead to the resident manager pulling double duty as both a manager and the one who does the handy work around the complex.

The problem is, this dual role — or additional roles the complex owner assumes the resident manager will fulfill — may be violating his or her workplace rights.

You Must Have a Voluntarily Signed, Written Resident Manager Agreement in Place

Before California resident managers can fully understand their roles — and whether they include doing maintenance work around the apartment complex — the resident manager and property owner must have a signed voluntary, written agreement in place.

The resident manager agreement should be reviewed by an attorney and updated to account for the rent reduction and rent increases and ensure the work responsibilities and/or schedule are clearly defined, so any additional duties do not fall outside the scope of the resident manager duties.

Often, when a legal agreement is not in place, it requires the resident manager to work far more hours than is offset by the rent reduction, which may require overtime pay or pay for on-call hours.

Resident managers asked to do handy work and not being compensated properly have a wage and hour claim against their landlord for minimum wages, overtime, meal and rest break premiums, itemized wage statements, and sick leave.

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