At the Leichter Law Firm, APC, the Los Angeles, California employment law attorney, Aryeh Leichter, know that California apartment owners are required by the law to have a residential apartment manager reside on the premises and manage every apartment house that has over 16 units.

California resident apartment managers are employees and assume multiple responsibilities, including handling everything from leasing and maintenance to rent collection and posting legal notices when evictions are imminent.

Because these employees reside on the premises, it may appear as though they are “always working.” While that may be true, the law draws a clear line between “on-call” time and compensable time.

Resident Apartment Managers’ “On-Call” Time is Not Subject to Compensation in California

California employment laws require all residential apartment managers to be paid their local minimum wage for the time they spend “carrying out assigned duties” while on the property.

This means that any waiting, on-call, or stand-by time is not compensable.

For instance, if an apartment manager is on call to show a vacant apartment over the weekend, he or she is only paid for the time they interact with the applicant — not the time they spent waiting for the person’s arrival. If there is more than one person scheduled to view the unit, the time the manager is waiting after one applicant leaves and the next applicant arrives is not compensable.

The reason waiting time is not compensable is that the manager is technically at home — which, by law, is anywhere on the property — so he or she is free to engage in personal activities during their downtime.

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