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Severance Agreements

Los Angeles Severance Attorney

A severance agreement is a contract between an employer and employee specifying the terms and conditions of the employee’s departure from the company. Employers offer departing employees severance packages for a number of reasons.  It may be the employer’s expression of gratitude for the employee’s years of devoted service or an attempt to help the employee easily transition to a new job or career. Frequently, however, an employer will attempt to forestall the risk and expense of a lawsuit due to its illegal or improper conduct by offering severance in exchange for the employee waiving his or her right to sue.  

A severance agreement may be one of the most important documents you will ever sign; it may prohibit or inhibit you from continuing to work in your field, start your own business or enforce your legal rights. It is important to consult with a skilled Los Angeles employment law attorney when negotiating, and before signing, a severance agreement.   

Negotiating Severance Agreements

This area of law is constantly evolving, which makes it essential to discuss any severance agreement with an experienced and knowledgeable employment attorney. Severance packages vary depending on the employer and the needs of the employee but generally include one or more of the following:

  • Severance pay either in a lump sum or in payments over time
  • Continuation of health insurance and/or other benefits at the employer's expense
  • Payments into the employee's retirement account
  • Help with alternate employment placement


Contact a Los Angeles Severance Package Lawyer

If you need help with a severance agreement, the Leichter Law Firm, APC will fully explain the terms of your severance offer; identify any unreasonable, unfair or unenforceable provisions; and advise you on how to respond to your employer’s offer.  For high quality legal representation and responsive client service, contact our downtown Los Angeles law office, we handle severance agreements throughout California. Please call 818-915-6624 or email us today.


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