In good and bad market conditions, employees are often required to leave their jobs, sometimes at the employer’s request. However, according to the law, an employer can only dismiss you for a valid reason. In a situation where your employer may want to let you go for reasons other than the legal grounds for dismissal, they may decide to offer you a severance package.

A severance package, sometimes referred to as a California severance pay or California separation pay, is compensation offered by the employer to the employee when terminating an employment contract. When negotiating severance pay, the skills of a professional Los Angeles severance attorney come in handy.

A Los Angeles severance attorney understands the various loopholes your employer may use to avoid paying severance pay.

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When a company lets go of its employees without a legal cause for fair dismissal, your employer will attempt to negotiate the best terms of your release for the company. Sometimes this can go as far as barring you from exposing the company to litigation at a later stage. A Los Angeles severance attorney is familiar with the process and can help you negotiate the best terms for your release. Severance pay may be the best opportunity to get the new start you need. It is therefore important that you go through the whole process with an expert so that you can get the best compensation possible. If you or a loved one faces release from your contract, contact your California employment attorney today!

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