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Employment Law for Apartment Managers

Compensation, Hourly Wages, Overtime, and Rent

Residential apartment managers often live rent free or pay a lower amount as part of their employment compensation.. The amount of rent that can be credited toward their compensation is strictly enforced, and many property management companies or building owners who employ resident apartment managers fail to abide by these legal requirements.

If you have questions about the rent you've been charged or how you've been paid as a residential apartment manager, our law office can help.  We understand the employment laws regarding on-site apartment managers, and we can help current and former residential apartment managers receive full compensation for the unlawful and unfair pay practices of their employers. Find out more by calling 818-915-6624 and speaking with a lawyer at the Leichter Law Firm, APC.

Compensation Options for On-Site Residential Apartment Managers

There are three lawful ways for residential manager to receive compensation, and it is important that a written understanding exists between the property manager or building owner employer and resident manager employee:

No Exchange Option - Free rent and payment received for all hours worked

  • Manager is paid at least minimum wage for every hour worked

Example:  On-site manager receives a 1 bedroom apartment free of charge and works 40 hours per week at a rate of $9.25/hour.


Rental Allowance Option - Manager receives payment after a certain number of hours worked

  • Maximum allowance allowed by law of $508.38 for one person and $752.02 for two people who work as co-managers.  Hours worked where payment exceeds the credit allowed are paid as a check to the employee(s).

Example:  Manager (living alone) receives a 2 bedroom apartment.  The maximum lodging allowance is $508.38 /$9.25 = 48.85 hours per month. If the manager works more than 54.96 hours per month, he or she must be paid at least minimum wage for those extra hours.


The Check Exchange Option - Mangers receive discounted rent and payment for hours worked

  • A manager may be charged up to 2/3rd  of the market rent of the apartment .  The manager pays his or her rent and receives payment for each hour worked.

Example:  Manager receives a 3 bedroom apartment with a market rent of $1800/month; 2/3 of the market rent is $1200.00, which is the Manager's monthly rental payment. The manager works 30 hours per week and is paid at least minimum wage for each hour he or she works.


California Wage and Hour Laws Apply to Residential Apartment Managers

Although t there are several ways rent can be included in the compensation of employees serving as residential property managers, employers must at least pay minimum wages to residential apartment managers, even when these wages are being applied to the rental allowance. In addition to the minimum wage, resident apartment managers should also receive:

  • Payment for hours worked that can be applied to rent owed as a rental credit
  • Payment at least twice per month when pay earned exceeds the rental credit
  • Payment for all hours worked
  • Overtime pay for working more than 8 hours in a single day
  • Overtime pay for working more than 40 hours in a single a week


Questions about Your Rent and Compensation? Contact a Los Angeles Attorney

Get a better understanding of your situation by speaking with an employment lawyer who is familiar with compensation laws for residential apartment managers. If you've been incorrectly paid for your hours worked or have been paying more for rent than the law requires,, you can file a claim and recover monetary compensation. Call the Leichter Law Firm at 818-915-6624 or email us today for a confidential consultation.

and perform little to no managerial tasks, contact Los Angeles employment law attorney Aryeh Leichter today. We handle class-action lawsuits in which a number of employees have been similarly affected by an employer's violation of wage-and-hour laws.


Contact a Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney

If you believe that your employer has committed violations of the wage and hour laws, you don’t have to file an EEOC claim as you would in a typical discrimination case. Instead, you can hire a private attorney and file suit as soon as you discover the violation. If other people at your company have also been denied overtime, meals or breaks, you may be able to file a special type of FLSA class action lawsuit. Call the Leichter Law Firm at 818-915-6624 or email us today for a confidential consultation.


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