Employment Attorney Talks Law School Financial Aid in Los Angeles

If you are in the process of applying to law schools, often you are more concerned about studying for the LSAT or researching schools rather than thinking about the financial costs of attending, which is often considered a burden for many.  The top law schools, such as Yale and Harvard’s tuition can often run over $50,000 per year and that doesn’t include the cost of living.  However, the cost shouldn’t be the determining factor in chasing your goals.  Don’t stress, your California employment lawyer explains all you need to know about making the process less complicated.

• Need-based aid: Those looking to apply for need-based financial aid are typically required to provide parental financial information, however, each school varies on the type of information required. It is important to note that receiving grants is typically more difficult to receive as loans are readily available.

• Merit-based aid: According to US News, this source of paying for law school is often overlooked by applicants since there is often no special application for it, and it is usually not highlighted by law schools. However, merit-based aid can substantially reduce the cost of law school from the start, so parents should focus their efforts on helping their children attain the highest possible merit-based packages.

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When it comes to receiving scholarships, your LSAT score, GPA, extra-curricular activities and internships are highly considered in the process when awarding aid. The application process can be quite challenging, it is recommended to set up an appointment with an admissions counselor to help guide you through any possible inquiries.

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