Maternity Leave Requirements for Employers in Los Angeles

If you or your significant other is about to become a parent in the state of California, it is important that you are informed about California’s maternity leave rules and regulations.  The Golden State has some of the best family leave laws in the nation better helping expectant parents through the process.  Employment law in Los Angeles, better yet in California can often be underestimated, therefore it is important to understand your rights and take advantage of all the amenities the state has to offer.

In 2004, the Paid Family Leave law went into effect, which provides partial wage replacement to eligible workers on leave for caregiving and bonding.  In order to quality for PFL, you must meet the following:

  1. Reside in California
  2. Must have contributed to State Disability Insurance, which is an automatic deduction from most paychecks
  3. Have a doctor’s note to support your time off due to bonding with a newborn, foster or adopted child or to care for a sick family member.

If you meet all the requirements for PFL, you are eligible to obtain up to 6 weeks worth of wages at a reduced level.  For example, this can be as much as two-thirds of your regular incoming during the time period.  California employment law defines a few things to remember when considering PFL.

  1. Benefits will begin after one week
  2. You can split your PFL over different segments instead of taking off six straight weeks off.
  3. Some employers may require you to use your vacation time or sick days before your PFL benefits kick in.
  4. Both parents may take PFL at the same time

Maintaining contact with your employer and human resources department is a great way to promote a clear line of communication.  Understanding California employment law and rights are important to better help you focus on what’s most important: your baby’s health.

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