Aryeh Leichter, the Los Angeles, California employment law attorney at the Leichter Law Firm, APC, represents residential apartment managers throughout California who are not being properly paid by their employers for the hours they have worked.

The reality is, by California law, if the employer has not kept legally required time records for a resident manager employee, the burden of disproving the hours the resident manager claims to have worked falls on the employer.

California Wage & Hour Laws Require Full Record-Keeping Compliance for Apartment Owners and/or Management Companies

California wage and hour regulations contain numerous record-keeping requirements for employers.

Each of these requires employers to keep accurate records, including the number of hours worked, rate of pay for each hour, and total wages owed to their employees including residential apartment managers in California.

When California apartment owners and/or management companies do not keep accurate records or pay the proper wages owed to onsite managers, they may be liable for liquidated damages in an amount equal to double the unpaid wages.

Numerous other penalties may apply to unpaid wages, including not compensating employees for personal cellphone use or sick leave.

Residential apartment managers should keep concise records that reflect the time spent carrying out assigned duties, so they are fully compensated during each pay period — even if their employer does not require them to do so.

Under California law, where the employer has failed to keep statutorily mandated time records, the burden then shifts to the employee for the best faith estimate of the hours they worked. Keeping proper records will help build your case for success, should you need to pursue your employer for lacking compensation later.

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