In the last few years, religious discrimination in the workplace has been on the rise. Laws on religious discrimination are quite confusing and contradictory.  For example, you can’t make employment decisions based on a person’s religion. On the other, you might have to take an employee’s religion into account when making certain workplace decisions. If you feel that you have been subjected to religious discrimination or harassment at work, contact your California employment lawyer to explore your legal options.

Religious discrimination can take place in many ways.  A few examples include:

  1.  Treating an employee different than others due to their religion
  2.  Questioning their faith/religion during an interview process
  3. Letting an employee go due to their religion
  4. Not allowing an employee to wear religious clothing/items
  5. Denying a pay raise/promotion due to their religion

An employer must accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs in order to prevent an employee from facing hardship in the workplace.  Employers must understand that many religions observe Saturdays or Sundays and therefore must be willing to accept these conditions.  Refusing an employee to implement such practices is against the law.

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