It is very important that you go through your employment contract in detail before signing on the dotted lines. Many experts also suggest seeking help from a California employment law attorney so that you fully understand what you are taking on.

Since employment contracts are mostly written using legal jargon it may be difficult for a man of ordinary prudence to understand the clauses. This is why it is important that you seek the help of a California employment law attorney.

Some very important points that you need to be careful about include:

  • Type of employment: You should be very well aware of the type of employment you are getting into. It may be employed at will or employment for a fixed term. The former allows the employee to leave the job whenever deemed necessary with prior notice or as agreed. While the latter may require approval from the company and other such procedures.
  • Restraints: Several contracts put certain restrictions on the employee. This may be a restriction on trade, disclosure, etc. Some of these restrictions are required and legal but some of these may be completely illegal depending on the prevailing laws and regulations. For example, A clause that prevents the employee from running a similar business for life is illegal.
  • Resignation: This point is very important for your own security. Many companies have clauses in a contract that make it very difficult for an employee to resign as they may require the employee to part ways with salary owed etc. It is very important that you see the rights and duties mentioned in the contract clearly and understand every point well before you sign to seal the deal.

A Los Angeles employment law attorney can help you in all this and much more. A lawyer can explain all the terms to you so that you fully know all the details.

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