In a world of 6 billion people, all unique in their own way, people often group themselves according to a few similarities and sometimes go as far as discriminating against other groups of people. This has been rampant throughout history in many forms, from racial discrimination to sexual and religious discrimination. Fortunately, humankind has evolved to the point where we have laws to protect us from our uglier side. Unfortunately, discrimination still continues today in schools, communities, and even in the workplace.

In America, we have laws to protect employees who experience discrimination in the workplace. From the “Black Lung Act” that protects miners to the “Equal Pay Act”, the “Age Discrimination in Employment Act” and many others that protect the rights of employees in the workplace. We even have expert legal counsel in the form of Leichter Law Firm, APC, employee discrimination attorney, Los Angeles, CA.

What Kinds Of Discrimination Do You Find In The Work Place?

Recently a nurse sued a hospital for allowing a patient to refuse assistance from an African American nurse. In a case like this, an employment discrimination attorney, Los Angeles, CA can explain what the appropriate course of action would be. Employees are protected from discrimination in the hiring process, the dismissal process and any other form of discrimination they may encounter be it based on race, age, language, or sexual preference.

Do you think you are have been discriminated against by your employer? Contact your employee discrimination attorney, Los Angeles, CA today, for expert advice as to how to proceed.

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