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Meal and Rest Breaks

Los Angeles Meal and Rest Break Attorney

The California Labor Code requires employers to provide nonexempt employees with a 30-minute, uninterrupted and off-duty meal break for every 5 hours worked. Nevertheless, companies in a wide variety of industries continue to look for ways to deny their workers this basic right. At the Leichter Law Firm, APC, we stand up for the individual against the unfair practices of employers. We will work with you personally to gain an understanding of your situation and help you explore your legal options. Our goal is to achieve the results that are best for you, and we are prepared to do so in or out of court.

Meal Period - Legally Required for Non-Exempt Employees in California

An employee must have, at minimum, one thirty-minute meal period prior to completing five hours of work. If the workday is less than six hours, the meal period may be waived by mutual consent. If the workday is longer than ten hours, a second meal period must be provided, unless the workday is less than twelve hours and the first meal period was not waived. If an employee is not permitted to leave the employer's premises and not relieved of his or her duties, the meal period is considered on duty and must be paid at the employee's pay rate.

Rest Periods - Rules Are Straightforward and Clear

Employees who qualify must receive a ten-minute rest period for every four hours worked. You also have the right to a 10-minute rest period in the middle of each four-hour work period. Employers sometimes deny their workers these rights on an individual or temporary basis, or to avoid the need to staff at adequate levels that would allow each worker a practical chance for a break. If an employee is not given the rest period, an employer must pay the employee one hour of wages for each workday the rest period is not provided.

Individual Claim or Class Action Lawsuit - Hold Your Employer Accountable

The Leichter Law Firm will take time to gather all the necessary information in a missed meal break or rest period payment claim. In addition, we can determine whether any other employees are being denied meal breaks or rest periods. A small claim by one employee can often become a large class action lawsuit against an employer. We will hold your employer accountable for any meal break, rest period, or other labor code violations.

Contact an Experienced Employment Law Attorney

If your employer has denied your right to meal breaks and/or rest period payments, you should consult with an experienced employment lawyer. Our law firm can help. We serve clients throughout California from our Los Angeles office, located in the mid-Wilshire area. Call to set up a free, confidential consultation: 818-915-6624 or email us.


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