Harassment And Discrimination Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

The Leichter Law Firm, APC understands that harassment and discrimination in the workplace can have an overwhelming impact on your personal and professional life. Our Southern California law office prides itself on helping clients cope with the emotional and financial burdens of a claim or lawsuit involving employment law. We offer responsive personal client service and support that every client needs when confronting their employers and/or coworkers in a hostile work environment.

Many of our cases involve claims and lawsuits that seek damages for sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. We can also help protect your rights if you experience retaliatory or wrongful termination by your employer after you filed a discrimination or harassment complaint. If your employer fires you or denies you benefits because of a discrimination complaint, you may have recourse to sue your employer. Our Employment Attorney in California at The Leichter Law Firm understands the wide range of federal, state, and local laws prohibiting all types of discrimination and harassment.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment – Protection and Compensation in Los Angeles, CA

Discrimination in the workplace occurs on a daily basis. The Leichter Law Firm strives to eliminate such discrimination and harassment. Attorney Aryeh Leichter understands employment law and how to handle situations when you are unfairly treated. Some of the classifications protected against unlawful discrimination include:

Our Los Angles Harassment, Discrimination Attorney Serve the Following Practice Area

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The range of regulations protecting employees from discrimination and harassment is complex and can seem overwhelming. At The Leichter Law Firm, we guide our clients through all facets of their employment law case and make sure their rights are fully protected. If you have questions about your situation, we offer a free initial consultation with a lawyer that is confidential and does not require any commitment or obligation beyond speaking with an attorney. Contact our Los Angeles law firm at 818-915-6624 or email us to see if we can assist you in holding your current or former employer responsible for its wrongful actions.

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