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Race and National Origin Discrimination

Los Angeles Lawyers for Claims Involving Racial / National Origin Discrimination

America is one of the world's most racially diverse nations. As a nation, we pride ourselves on this diversity; in the workplace, however, it can lead to racial tension, prejudice and a hostile work environment. Race and national origin discrimination can negatively impact your career, job opportunities and personal life.

The Leichter Law Firm, APC offers the skill and experience in handling and litigating race discrimination and harassment cases. With our founding attorney, Aryeh Leicther, we examine every claim carefully and listen completely to your story. We will look at the evidence that supports your claim and talk with fellow coworkers to help determine if your employer is liable for the discrimination and the actions we will pursue on your behalf.

Employment Discrimination Based on Race and Ethnicity is Illegal

The law prohibits discrimination based on race and ethnicity. Whether you are Hispanic, African American, American Indian, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, or of any other race or ethnicity, you are entitled to be treated fairly in the workplace. Your race or ethnic background cannot be used by an employer to make any employment decision, including recruitment, hiring, promotions, duties, firing, or layoffs.

Hostile Work Environment - Your Employer Must Protect You

It is also illegal for employers to create, promote, or allow a hostile environment in the workplace. You should not be exposed to harassing behaviors related to your race, color, or national origin such as:

  • Racial or ethnic slurs
  • Jokes
  • Insults
  • Graffiti, posters, signs, or notes
  • Improper comments or conduct towards you


Coworkers or employers who engage in offensive conduct are creating a hostile work environment, and the organization may be violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Contact an Attorney About Racial or Ethnic Discrimination or Harassment

If you have experienced racial discrimination or discrimination based on the color of your skin or national origin, The Leichter Law Firm, in Los Angeles, may be able to help you get compensation. If you want aggressive representation with a very personal touch when it comes to California Employee Rights, we can help you. Each case is personally handled by Attorney Leichter, who is ready to fight for your rights in the workplace. Get a 100% confidential consultation with no obligation by calling 818-915-6624 or emailing us today.


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